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T.R.N.® is PEFC certified 26-05-2015

PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system.
The sustainability and environmental ecology represent a significant part of the business of this Company. PEFC is, in fact, a guarantee according to which our raw materials derive exclusively from sustainable and controlled forests for an appropriate and ecological management of them by focussing on the achievement of social and economical benefits.

T.R.N.® acquires huge amounts of wood, which come from forests dedicated exclusively to the wooden arboriculture. Furthermore, the removal of trees follows a so-called “zero impact” according to which when the land has been cleared to “10” we proceed to plant “11” trees.


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Download here the Certificate for T.R.N.® Imballaggi:
Certificato Licenza CoC trn imb

Download here the Certificate for T.R.N.® Spedizioni & Logistica:
Certificato Licenza CoC trn sped