T.R.N. imballaggi, logistica, spedizioni internazionali e trasporti

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T.R.N., with more than 60 years of history, is the symbol of a continuous growth and a renowned experience which has made the firm a leader in its industry segment.

The history of T.R.N.® has had its start from 1948 with the opening of the carpenter’s shop under the name of Sir Giuseppe Trentin who, thanks to its exceptional business talent and to its vision decided to open in 1951 a business enterprise devoted to the production of wooden packages. A fundamental Customer at the beginning of this business was Lanerossi, which was searching for a crates’ supplier in order to send blankets to the USSR.
During the successive thirty years T.R.N.® enlarged its operations including, in addition to the packaging activity, a home furnishings shop integrated with a carpenter’s laboratory launched by Sir Paolo Trentin, son of Giuseppe.
1990, has represented a shift in the strategies adopted by the firm which then shaped its operational field: Sir Paolo, identified on the packaging activity combined with integrated logistics services a key for a possible business success in consideration with the market evolution. In fact, in that years firms started to externalize their processes of both packaging and transport solutions which helped T.R.N.® to increase its development opportunities.
Therefore, in 1993, the company decided to build a first enlargement of its headquarter, while in the following year it ceased the home furnishings shop in order to concentrate all of its resources toward the packaging and logistics activity.
A flow of decisions followed the previous one:
– 1996: Purchase of a new building for the storage of Clients goods
– 2000: Opening of the new T.R.N.® headquarter in Schio
– 2004: Opening of a new building for the storage of raw materials and for the
production of folding crates
– 2007: Relocation of the integrated logistics sector
2008 has been strategic for the company, because it started to operate in international dispatches and export services; moreover the firm has decided to expand geographically in order to satisfy efficiently each Client thanks to the establishment of new branches in Rovereto (2011), Malo(2012) and successively Rovigo (January 2015).

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