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Lean system

In an ongoing process that culminated in the restructuring of 2008, T.R.N.® has adopted many of the principles that characterise Lean Production.
The term Lean Production identifies an industrial philosophy inspired by the Toyota Production System, which aims at cutting waste to zero. Its main principles are:

  • Eliminate waste;
  • Accurately identify the processes that are important from the perspective of the end user;
  • Eliminate steps that do not add value;
  • Produce the steps that add value in an interrupted flow, setting up interfaces between the various steps;
  • Let the customer drive the process, i.e., do not produce anything until it is needed, and then produce it as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • Pursue perfection through continuous improvement.

The production process is handled in a comprehensive manner in order to minimise the complexity of production, focusing on flexibility and involving all business functions from the start.

The T.R.N.® Group strongly believes in principles such as valuing the customer’s point of view, eliminating waste, flexibility and continuous improvement and constantly pursues them in every initiative. What the company has done so far and what it is planning for the near future would not be possible if these principles were not already an integral part of the company.