T.R.N. imballaggi, logistica, spedizioni internazionali e trasporti

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T.R.N.® aims to offer customized and reliable solutions in order to manage, pack and transport any type of product.
The T.R.N.® philosophy seeks for a constant level of efficiency, innovation and quality of its services with the purpose of assuring an excellent result to the Client. Thanks to its abilities and cutting edge technical skills, T.R.N.® aims to manage in an efficient and effective manner the products of its Clients from the end of their production phase to the delivery to the final Customer.
The commitment of the firm is reflected on the usage of different packaging crates, which are customized for every products’ typology. This is obtained thanks to a keen study of the good integrated with an active collaboration and a profitable communication between the staff of T.R.N.® and the Client.

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These are our strengths!
Synonyms and goals of our organization are reflected on the quality of our materials, innovation of our processes and greater efficiency. Every operation follows these principles with the purpose of implementing a continuous development for the creation of added value to Clients.